December 1, 2016

How To Cook Turkey And Mashed Potato Croquettes

After buying the best scope for ar 15, I don’t hesitate to hunt turkey immediately for my turkey and mashed potato croquettes recipe. Whether it is a post-holiday meal or smaller meal, you can cook this dish. Keep in mind to freeze your croquettes before you bread after that finish with coating ingredients as well as the guideline after thawing. For a more delicious taste, you had better enjoy with cranberry sauce, store-bought gravy, and leftover.


Needed ingredients for your turkey and mashed potato croquettes:

  •        Two cups finely minced leftover turkey
  •        A tsp finely chopped parsley
  •        A cup leftover seasoned mashed potatoes
  •        1/4 tsp black pepper


  •        Two tsp butter
  •        A finely minced clove garlic (in case you love utilizing garlic mashed potatoes, you are able to omit it)
  •        Six green onions with some inches of green, thinly sliced
  •        Four tsp flour
  •        1/4 cup milk
  •        1/4 cup chicken broth
  •        1/2 tsp salt to taste


  •        1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  •        Two cups finely ground fresh breadcrumbs
  •        Two big eggs are lightly beaten with a tsp cold water
  1.     Yield: Serves 6
  2.     Total Time: 38 minutes
  3.     Prep Time: 20 minutes
  4.     Cook Time: 18 minutes


First of all, you just need simply combine black pepper, parsley, mashed potatoes and turkey

Melt butter in your saucepan over a medium heat then add green onions to cook and stir a minute. After adding flour, let you stir until it is well blended. Keep in mind stir in milk and chicken broth. Just doing like that means cooking and stirring extra two minutes. Before tasting, you had better add extra salt. Go on blending well when combining with your turkey mixture. Last but not least, cover as well as refrigerate it until when it is thoroughly chilled within from one to two hours.

Take a plate and place there 1/2 cup of flour. Beat eggs and a tsp of water in a bowl. Prepare another one to place there your finely ground bread crumbs.

Normally, you just need shape croquette mixture into each 1 1/2 inch ball but in case you make appetizers, it should be a little smaller one. Gently, roll it in flour for coating after that going on with eggs until it’s coated. Coat with your bread crumbs also. Finally, Put in foil-lined or waxed paper cookie sheet. Let you repeat this process with the remaining crumbs and turkey mixture. To keep both your hands fairly clean, you ought to keep a water handy bowl & a lot of paper towels.

To dry a little bit, let your croquettes stand within 30-45 minutes.

Adjust 360° for heating oil. Prepare small batches to fry your croquettes within 1 1/2 – 2 minutes until it gets golden brown or depends on the size of your product. Keep in mind you must drain on paper towels. Whether you cook it for a part of the appetizer or a post-holiday meal, you should enjoy with cranberry sauce and hot turkey gravy. Make about 16-18 1 1/2 inch croquettes.

Again rather than enjoying cold leftovers, with my recipe, you will reheat your epic Thanksgiving meal. In a word, this perfect recipe is to fry into crispy croquettes. Before creating a breaded and deep-fried croquette from getting stuffed with the cranberry sauce, let you mix parmesan cheese with the mixture of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey. As I said easier, you can cook and enjoy it whenever but these crispy balls include each flavor of Thanksgiving holiday, especially it is ideal to dip in leftover gravy. The best trick to make these croquettes is to use cold ingredients because it is easier for forming your balls.  What mainly you need to do is just to stuff and bread them with cranberry sauce. To have a nice mixture of creamy center and crunchy exterior, simply warm your leftovers.


Hope that you have a success with my recipe. Don’t forget to leave your comment below my article to tell me whether you fail or successful. If fail, why? I welcome all of your nice suggestions for a better recipe. And thank you very much for reading this article, remember to read my next recipe. There are a lot of amazing things waiting for you.

Kathleen C. Campbell

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