October 28, 2016

Four easy recipes for teaching your children before turning 12

One of the easiest methods to foster the love of food for your children is that to take them in the kitchen to help you cook soon. The majority of kids like and try foods which they are able to get ownership in preparation more than cooked dishes put in front of them at each mealtime. Especially, at the age of 12, most of them are pretty self-sufficient so you can give more tasks to the kitchen with your supervision or other adults. Below are four easy recipes that your kids about 12 years old can make easily. Let’s start with your kids’ own breakfast as well as snacks after school. If luckily, even they may make the meal for you very soon.

  • Avocado Toast:


Why don’t you and your kid cook this delicious dish in your kitchen at the weekends in place of going out for playing any board games or creating an art project? At your local farmer market, let you find a favorite bread vendor to buy bread then toast it with tons of olive. Don’t forget to mash tons of ripe avocado with a touch of lime juice and salt to prevent the browning avocado as well as the top with some sweet halved cherry tomatoes. It is not only convenient to prepare within just a few minutes but also wonderful to see the final attractive result with its textures and colors.

  • Creamy Vanilla Cinnamon Pudding

I have always chosen vanilla pudding boxes from cream shops until I recognize that what was in these boxed brands as well as how simple to make the homemade creamy vanilla cinnamon pudding. After many trying times my recipe, finally, I have found a very delicious version with cinnamon and vanilla. Why don’t you make your children surprised with this recipe? The most wonderful thing of my creamy vanilla cinnamon pudding is that filling a bunch of ramekins to brim with a little pudding or keeping the covered pudding in refrigerator. Your kids can use it for their snack.

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