November 4, 2016

You Want To Be Less Skinny – What Foods To Choose?

Obesity may be an obsession to many Western adolescents, but for anyone who is quite bony, gaining weight is so meaningful, affecting his whole health as well as appearance. In fact, it is an objective which is not always easy to achieve. To be successful, you need to focus on an appropriate diet besides doing regular exercise.
The article will mention some healthy foods for weight increase for your reference.
Initially, the crucial thing you need to target at is increased appetite. Provided that you are not interested in eating, then the total amount of food you consume will be not much. If this is the case, you cannot put on weight.
Adversely, if you intend to stuff your stomach with a bunch of food within a short time to quickly improve your weight, it is the wrong way to go. Your body will not have enough time to digest and absorb them; simultaneously, you are at risk for food poisoning and other fatal consequences.
After determining your quantity of food for daily consumption, you should just add the small amount of each kind to your meal. Gradually raising food amount is always better than you suddenly implement it.
Following foods help you gain more weight
To get rid of skinny appearance, you could eat cookies, donuts, ice cream, white bread and others, but whether or not you really want to gain weight in such way?
Considering more beneficial foods to eat is a safe way to reach your goal without being afraid of bad influence later.

  • Milk


When you want to look healthier, you probably think of adding good calories to your diet.
Milk is an abundant supply of carbohydrates, protein along with vital mineral elements. About 2 cups of milk per day provide you with approximate 14 grams of protein. In the case of weight adding desire, you should select whole milk instead of skimmed milk.
Compared to low-fat milk, whole milk consists of more saturated fat, so it can bring more calories for your body. If your child is not a fan of milk, you can still supplement this healthy food by adding it to flour mixture during making cakes or making milkshakes for him.
One more tip is not to sweeten milk with chocolate or sugar. Regular consuming sweeteners does negatively impact your immune system and slow down your metabolism.

  • Eggs


One more ideal source for your protein addition is eggs. Additionally, eggs are full of essential vitamins like vitamin A and B12. In order to refresh your menu, you could frequently change the way of processing them, among frying, poaching, and baking. Another way is that you can create mouthwatering pancakes with fresh eggs.
On the other hand, perhaps you wonder bad cholesterol as a result of consuming many eggs. A good news is that you can prevent it by merely using eggs from healthy, free-range chickens as well as eat the proper number of them.

  • Butter

This dairy product is highly recommended for skinny individuals because of a variety of nutrients. Especially, peanut butter is extremely nutritious with a lot of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates.
The market now offers you a wide range of butter type. Let us take peanut butter as an example. You can choose the type of crunchy texture (bigger peanut pieces) or the one which is completely smooth.
You could put this kind of butter on top of cakes or cookies or spread it on fruits together with vegetables. You can use it flexibly for different foodstuffs to increase calories input.
In addition to above-listed foods, you should also consume other beneficial foods, such as beans, nuts, whole grains and dark chocolate to avoid nutrient deficiency.

Kathleen C. Campbell

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