November 3, 2016

It’s Time To Be More Aware Of What Food You Should Consume

Relationship between what you eat and how healthy you are
Anything you give your body through metabolism is correlative to the functions of all your organs. Once you consume beneficial food, your whole body will say thank you. Adversely, when you just pay attention to the food you are crazy for, you are most likely to face a series of diseases sooner or later.
This process of your health going down is a certain period of time; generally, it does not reveal soon, it takes time for unhealthy foodstuffs to penetrate and destroy your system.
Once you eat too much food or food which is not proper, you easily get overweight and are at risk from physical disorder as well as infection. In another word, your well-being state is the reflection of what you ingest.
Next time, when you intend to buy something, you should consider and try to reduce your consumption of the following foods.

  • Frosting items

You may be a big fan of cakes or cookies which are often filled with frosting on their tops. Despite their great taste, frosting layers contain great amounts of harmful trans-fats which are a culprit to higher bad cholesterol and inflammation.


In addition, frosting is too sugary, which is not advantageous for your waistline and skin.

  • Processed foods

The reason why most of the people prefer canned goods is so many: save the time of cooking and delicious (you cannot deny excellent top cake flavor) to name a few. Packaged muffins and doughnuts in your fast diet are typical examples for a big source of bad sugar and calories.
Preservatives are definitely included in such wrapped items for the purpose of being able to sit long on shelves in supermarkets. You should not disregard the negative influence of sugar on your immune system.
Replacing packed stuff with fresh one by spending a little time entering your kitchen to cook is worthwhile.

  • Soda water

Specialists indicate that one cup of soda is full of sugar and the rest is water with a specific ratio. The sugar quantity in this soft drink exceeds the recommended amount. Sugar together with acid can dissolve your tooth enamel.
Additionally, the substance sodium benzoate which is found in soda is actually a detrimental preservative. Sodium is increased in your body, whereas potassium goes down. You are in danger of chronic diseases, such as asthma, eczema. Do you know that around 10 Americans per day die because of asthma?

Moreover, you are more likely to suffer from kidney issues when regularly drinking soda. A high level of phosphoric acid present in this sort of fizzy drink is directly correlated to various kidney problems, kidney stones, for instance.
Pure water is still the best and there is no excuse for you to continue to add soda to your daily diet. If you get bored with the bland taste of water, you could move on to fresh fruit juices or milk.

  • Tinned tomato sauce

It is easy to understand that many people like tomato sauce since it contributes to more delicious food; nevertheless, it is certainly a threat to your health. How many tomatoes and their extracts are available in tinned products? The answer is a very small amount.

Tomato sauce consists of much sodium which leads to high blood pressure and serious cardiovascular disease. Besides, this sauce also includes corn syrup, known as a sugar substitute. This substance is very high in calorie and once you consume tomato sauce often, you may have to face the state of obesity.
To avoid bad effects of jarred tomato sauce bought at shops, you can make it by yourself. Ingredients and how-to-do, you can find out all of them in cookbooks or recipe websites.
It is never too late for your family to give up bad eating habits; getting to know how healthy each food is will be an ideal start for your journey of taking care of health.

Kathleen C. Campbell

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