November 5, 2016

Hoi An street food tour by motorcycle

Are you an adventurer? Why don’t you join the especial Hoi An Food Tour? Basically, what you need to do is just to sit on the motorbike’s back with a good motorcycle helmet and enjoy your trip (obviously, don’t forget to read some motorcycle helmet reviews to get the best choice). In this tour, there are a lot of expert guides and drivers helping you so don’t worry. You will be eaten a wide range of delicious foods from the best local street food stalls as well as explored gems difficult to find which the majority of tourists would miss. This tour is the right option for me, hope you so.


You may not look for the street food found in this Hoi An Street Food Tour by motorbike elsewhere, in the event of just walking around alone. Moreover, whilst you sit and enjoy the sights from the back of motorcycles in this tour, you can explore a few hidden and special streets in Hoi An. The most friendly and enthusiastic tour guides are going to show you where to eat the best style food in Hoi An and provide insights about how to make those unique dishes as well as talk about the local traditions and culture of Vietnam.

Basically, every day, you can join the special Hoi An Street Food Tour for visiting over five unique locations, learning about the local food preparation ways in Hoi An even enjoying over ten dishes such as sweet snacks, sandwiches, local desserts, main course and traditional style seafood.

Let you set your mind at rest because there is enough food to enjoy without needing any dinners after Hoi An street food tour by motorbike. However, you had better have your light brunch before joining this tour in place of lunch. After this single tour, your information and experience must be more than a month of wandering. If you want to learn about the Vietnamese real lives as well as how they eat and work, don’t miss it.

The detail of this tour

  •        The beginning of Hoi An street food tour is a pick up from where you stay. The local guides of this tour will greet and introduce you how to ride safely on the motorbike’s back during joining the tour. After being guided brief, you and your guides will begin an adventure to discover several tasty dishes.
  •        First of all, stopping in the well-known bread store of Hoi An where sell one of the best sandwiches of Vietnam.
  •        After that, walk around the local market. During at that time, you are able to rest on the Thu Bon River’s banks. If you would like to experience the Vietnamese life’s authentic slice, it is extremely worthwhile to visit this bustling Hoi An Central Market. For example, you have enjoyed an authentic local taste via eating Cao Lau which is merely found in this place.


  •  Next, going through a little alley for stopping at a local house in the business where you may not find out alone but you will see a real Vietnamese life in this place like exploring Banh Beo (a kind of Vietnamese traditional cake that is a popular dish with Hoi An people. What’s more, you will also get an opportunity for talking and taking pictures with the local people.
  •        After that, you ought to allow your stomach to relax and come to the most ancient pagoda in Hoi An with your local guide. There were some tourists going and talking a nice trip through the countryside to see how farmers work in their rice paddies with sunlight which reflects on their hats.
  •        At the well-known street vendor close to Hoai square, you will be enjoyed the round pancake (Banh Khot) which is made from vegetables, coconut milk, turmeric, quail egg and rice flour
  •        You can also experience one of the world’s top ten weird food challenges – Balut. That’s because of its appearance more than its taste.
  •        At the local restaurant by the river, you will be eaten a special dinner as well as explore a part of life’s Vietnamese people.

Kathleen C. Campbell

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