November 6, 2016

10 Ideal Snack Ideas for Your Fishing Trip

10 Ideal Snack Ideas for Your Fishing Trip

Do you want to have an interesting fishing trip? Well, if you have a plan for a fishing day on the ocean, something needs to be prepared a careful way. In general, the far locations are often the ideal fishing places. It means that you are difficult to purchase food when feeling hungry. So, let’s consider 10 delicious snacks below for your fishing trip. It makes sure that you will be satisfied.

#1 – Protein-packed breakfast

Frequently, everyone begins fishing in the early morning. At that time, the fish is easy to bite. This one means that you can forget your breakfast. An ideal suggest for you is protein packed breakfast consisting of egg and salad that wrapped and served in a tortilla. Let’s store in a cool place for a simple snack whenever you need.

#2 – Trail mix

Nuts or dried fruits are a delicious category so that you can carry for any outdoor activities, including, fishing. Instead of purchase trail mix, a better way is to do it yourself. A couple of ideal ingredients can add to your recipes such as popcorn, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, shelled sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, dried bananas, or licorice bites.

#3 – Jerky beef

With the fishing trip, jerky beef must have in here. In case you don’t like it, you can replace by Vienna sausage, pepperoni slices, and summer sausage. With fishermen, they are considered as the great snack for a fishing trip. You can buy or make yourself. There are countless recipes so that you can try.

#4 – Dip & veggies

When mentioning to fishing snacks, we rarely think of vegetables. Nonetheless, they are an essential choice for the salty and sweet taste. You are able to select your kind of vegetables – bell pepper, cucumber, carrots, celery, for example. It can say that hummus is a healthy option for those who want to enjoy a great taste throughout their fishing trip.

#5 – Sandwiches

On the other hand, packing a lot of sandwiches is one of the things that you should not forget. If possible, you ought to carry cheese, mayo, lettuce, sliced meat, or mustard, along with sandwiches. Frequently, few people like carrying jelly and butter. It sounds great, right?

#6 – A big bag of cookie

Yes, a big bag of cookie is homemade, which will be great. What is your favorite cookie? Snicker doodles? Peanut butter cookies? Or chocolate chip cookies? In fact, there are many options, depending on your hobby.

#7 – Toppings & cracker

It will be difficult to resist the attraction of combining a cracker to a tasty topping. Let’s prepare a wide range of toppings and crackers, in particular, meats, cream cheese, dried fruits (strawberries or apricots), tuna salad, sliced cheese, or fried egg.

#8 – Hot treats

The weather can get cold in the middle of summer at a couple of places. Accordingly, if you have the hot foods and drinks in the morning, this one will be perfect. Like that, you can feel a little warm in the cold weather. In additional to that, you also need to fill the hot-water thermos with noodle soups, hot cocoa, or oatmeal. Yeah, if possible, you might carry a thermos consisting of hot coffee, cocoa, or your favorite soup. What an ideal this one is!

#9 – Drinks

It cannot imagine how your fishing trip will become bad if you forget to carry drinks. It is very important. It makes sure that you must bring a lot of water, involving, water, juices, and sodas. Depending on how long your trip lasts, the best is to carry the excessive amount of water.

#10 – Fish-themed snacks

Would you like to get a couple of fish-themed snacks on your fishing trip? Well, a good suggest for you is Swedish candies, sugar cookies or Goldfish crackers. If you are fishing with your children, an ideal thing will be gummy worms.

The last one, you should also hold a little cold food stored in a cooler. Let’s put it in the shade. To ensure the hygiene, you ought to carry sterilizer gel or wipe your hand a clean way before eating.

It hopes that the above information will help you (fisherman) to get an interesting fishing trip. Don’t forget that food is necessary for your trip! If possible, you should equip all these things. Happy fishing enjoy!


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